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Introducing Grafiti: Modern Decor for the Curated Home

Discover museum-quality wall art uniquely curated from artists around the world. Your Home, Curated by Grafiti. 


Decorating is hard.

We’ve all been through it. Making your home feel special often seems like an impossible task. Walk into your nearby home decor store and you’ll find the same generic-looking items that can be bought from the store next door. Most items are cheaply-made and fragile, often breaking within a few years of purchase.


The home decor industry is stuck in the past; traditionally creating low-quality products with over the top pricing.


For decades, the home decor industry has been ignoring the customer experience and prioritized dealers & distributors. This is why designs are constantly recycled, product-innovation non-existent, and customer experience terrible. The customer, which is the most important piece of the puzzle, gets forgotten. 

Modern Decor for the Curated Home

We wanted to do better. That’s why we created Grafiti.

At Grafiti, we believe that your home should be curated. Your home is:

  1. The ultimate reflection of you: your taste, your style, your personality
  2. Where beauty and function come together to make a statement.
  3. Where you come together with those that matter most, appreciating everything and everyone in the room at that moment.  

Grafiti is where you go to curate your home - bringing beautifully-designed items that are unique, premium, and sustainable

We want to bring you a new level home decor shopping experience where you can find items that truly feel special - always giving the feeling that you have found something that other people don't have, with an unmistakably superior product quality, too. Added with a significantly better customer service experience, this a chance to bring much needed transformation to the home decor industry. 

Tackling a Big Part of the Home: The Wall

From the very beginning, we wanted to offer products that would make a statement and stand out in any room they are in. We decided that the wall and going after art would be a fantastic launching pad.

Fortunately, both Josh and I have similarly aligned paths in this world. My family are multi-generational Indonesian furniture makers and over the past few decades, they have built companies that produced countless home decor products sold all over the world. On top of that, I previously founded a digital art social network that have amassed 1M+ downloads and were backed by some of digital media's top investors including The Walt Disney CompanyTechstarsSocial Capital.

Josh, on the other hand, came from the design and art world. He got his undergraduate degree from Parsons School for Design where he studied under some of the best designers and artists in the world. He then worked at Heritage Actions, the world's largest art auction house, where he learned first-hand the process of sourcing, handling, and selling fine art including wall art pieces.


We are going to market with our first product vertical: museum-quality wall art, uniquely curated from artists around the world.


The wall is often the afterthought of decor. Yet, it’s unmistakably one of the most impactful pieces that can bring cohesion to the home. The wall is the one place where you can express who you are, your personality, and what you care about. If done properly, the wall can truly make the room. 

Unique, Premium, and Sustainable 

At Grafiti, we obsess over the details like it's an art-form to make museum-quality wall art. From our artwork selection to the product build, our pieces are thoughtfully designed to be unique and stand out in any room you put them in. 

We have spent over six months perfecting the process of sourcing amazing art, finding great suppliers of wall art materials, and creating a great handcrafted construction for our Grafiti pieces. 

1. Uniquely-Curated Statement Art:

Every Grafiti piece is hand-selected from artists across the world. They are bold, creative, and expressive - created by gallery artists whose work you won’t find in other home decor stores.

2. Museum-Quality Production: 

We use Giclée printing and reproduction techniques to ensure that we preserve the details and integrity of the original artwork. We then coat each piece with a fine art glaze that enriches colors, creates a water-resistant barrier, and prevents cracking.

3. Premium & Sustainable Materials: 

Most wall art frames are made of polystyrene (i.e. styrofoam). Not ours. We use Mahogany Wood frames sustainably-sourced and certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). Each frame is carefully handcrafted and polished to adhere to the highest craftsmanship standards.

On top of this, our canvases are 100% cotton and come from a manufacturer in France with over 150 years of crafting history. Each cotton canvas is carefully sewed and milled, allowing every ink absorbed to create a rich concoction of colors.

4. Collection-Worthy: 

Each Grafiti piece comes with an art plate that features the artist’s name, artwork title, and a description of their art. Mount the art plate with the Grafiti wall art just like at a gallery or museum, or keep it somewhere meaningful. Either way, when people ask about your latest wall addition, you will be able to add a new whole perspective into the conversation.

If you are currently decorating your home, or if you feel like there is an empty wall that needs an upgrade, come check out our selection wall art. From Abstract to Contemporary to Photography, I am sure you would be able to curate the wall art that fits you and your home.

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